Open vSwitch 2017 Fall Conference

The Open vSwitch 2017 Fall Conference was held at Club Auto Sport in San Jose on November 16 and 17, 2017. The original agenda is available.


Talks on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017:

Title Slides Video
Welcome (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
OvS-CD: Optimizing Flow Classification for OvS using the DPDK Membership Library (Sameh Gobriel and Charlie Tai, Intel) PDF Video
Ingress Scheduling (Billy O'Mahony, Intel and Jan Scheurich, Ericsson) PPTX Video
IPSEC and OVS DPDK (Ian Stokes, Intel) PPTX Video
Riley: Pushing networking to the edge (Sean Choi, Stanford) PDF Video
Trouble-shooting the Data Plane in OVS (Rohith Basavaraja and Jan Scheurich, Ericsson) PPTX Video
OVS-DPDK for NFV: go live feedback! (Franck Baudin and Anita Tragler, Red Hat) PDF Video
OVS-DPDK Installation and Gotchas (Shivaram Mysore, Service Fractal) PDF Video
OVS Accelerator Demo Using Intel/Xilinx FPGA Card (Kaoru Kobayashi, Nagase) Video
Community Practices for OVS with DPDK (Ian Stokes, Intel) PPTX Video
OVS-DPDK for IP-TV live at Swisscom (Franck Baudin, Red Hat) PDF Video
OVS-DPDK: Embracing your NUMA nodes. (Kevin Traynor, Red Hat) PDF Video
OVS-DPDK: Every cycle counts. (Kevin Traynor, Red Hat) PDF Video
State of the OVN (Russell Bryant, Red Hat) PDF Video
OVN and Containers - An update (Guru Shetty, VMware) PPTX Video
OVN at Nutanix (Ravi Samprathi, Nutanix) PDF Video
Conntrack + OvS (Aaron Conole, Red Hat) PDF Video
Open vSwitch Offload: Conntrack and the Upstream Kernel (John Hurley, Netronome) PPTX Video
OVS/OVS-DPDK connection tracking for Mobile usecases (Anita Tragler and Franck Baudin, Red Hat) PDF Video
DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls: powered by OvS and conntrack (Kei Nohguchi, DigitalOcean) PDF Video
Day 1 Closing Remarks (Ben Pfaff, VMware) Video

Talks on Friday, Nov. 17, 2017:

Title Slides Videos
Day 2 Welcome (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
CORD: An Open Source Platform to Reinvent the Network Edge (Guru Parulkar, Open Networking Foundation) PDF Video
Benchmarking & Comparing Open vSwitch using OPNFV VSPERF (Ciara Loftus, Intel) PPTX Video
LXC Linux Containers over Open vSwitch (Gilbert Standen, Orabuntu-LXC) PPTX Video
Enabling Hardware Offload of OVS Control & Data plane using LiquidIO (Manoj Panicker, Cavium) PDF Video
OVS Performance on Steroids - Hardware Acceleration Methodologies (Rony Efraim, Mellanox) PDF Video
NSH-based Service Function Chaining with OVS using Packet-type Aware Pipeline (Yi Yang, Intel, and Jan Scheurich and Zoltan Balogh, Ericsson) Video
Red Hat's perspective on OVS HW Offload Status (Rashid Khan, Red Hat) PDF Video
Enabling hardware acceleration in OVS-DPDK using DPDK Framework. (Sugesh Chandran, Intel) PPTX Video
The birth of SmartNICs -- offloading dataplane traffic (Andy Gospodarek, Broadcom) PPTX Video
OvS Hardware Offload with TC Flower (Simon Horman, Netronome) PDF Video
OvS manipulation with Go at DigitalOcean (Matt Layher, DigitalOcean) PDF Video
OVN and Kelda (Ethan Jackson, PPTX Video
Faucet and Enterprise SDN (Stephen Stuart, Google) Video
Day 2 Closing Remarks (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
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