Open vSwitch 2018 Fall Conference

The Open vSwitch 2018 Fall Conference was held at Club Auto Sport in San Jose on Dec. 5 and 6, 2018. The original agenda is available.


Talks on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018:

Title and Abstract Slides Videos
Welcome (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
Running OVS-DPDK Without Hugepages, Busy Loop, and Exclusive Cores (Yi Yang, Inspur) PDF Video
Enabling TSO in OvS-DPDK (Tiago Lam, Intel) PPTX Video
OVS-DPDK Memory Management and Debugging (Kevin Traynor, Red Hat, and Ian Stokes, Intel) PDF Video
Empowering OVS with eBPF (Yi-Hung Wei, William Tu, and Yifeng Sun, VMware) PPTX Video
Open vSwitch Extensions with BPF (Paul Chaignon, Orange Labs) PDF Video
Fast Userspace OVS with AF_XDP (William Tu, VMware) PPTX Video
OVS with DPDK Community Update (Ian Stokes, Intel) PPTX Video
Why use DPDK LTS? (Kevin Traynor, Red Hat) PDF Video
Flow Monitoring in OVS (Ashish Varma, VMware) PPTX Video
OVS and PVP testing (Eelco Chaudron, Red Hat) PDF Video
Testing the Performance Impact of the Exact Match Cache (Andrew Theurer, Red Hat) PDF Video
Applying SIMD Optimizations to the OVS Datapath Classifier (Harry van Haaren, Intel) PDF Video
PMD Auto Load Balancing (Nitin Katiyar, Jan Scheurich, and Venkatesan Pradeep, Ericsson) PPTX Video
All or Nothing: The Challenge of Hardware Offload (Dan Daly, Intel) PPTX Video
Reprogrammable Packet Processing Pipeline in FPGA for OVS Offloading (Debashis Chatterjee, Intel) PPTX Video
Offloading Linux LAG Devices Via Open vSwitch and TC (John Hurley, Netronome) PPTX Video
Connection Tracing Hardware Offload via TC (Rony Efraim, Yossi Kuperman, and Guy Shattah, Mellanox) PPTX Video

Talks on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018:

Title Slides Videos
Day 2 Welcome (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
Bleep bloop! A robot workshop. (Aaron Conole, Red Hat) PDF Video
Comparison Between OVS and Tungsten Fabric vRouter (Yi Yang, Inspur) PPTX Video
The Discrepancy of the Megaflow Cache in OVS (Levente Csikor and Gabor Retvari, Budapest University of Technology and Economics) PPTX Video
Elmo: Source-Routed Multicast for Public Clouds (Muhammad Shahbaz, Stanford) PPTX Video
Sangfor Cloud Security Pool, The First-Ever NSH Use Case in Service Function Chaining Product (XiaoFan Chen, Sangfor and Yi Yang, Inspur) PPT Video
Answering the Open Questions About an OVN/OVS Split (Mark Michelson, Red Hat) PPTX Video
OVN performance: past, present, and future (Mark Michelson, Red Hat) PPTX Video
Unencapsulated OVN: What we have and what we want (Mark Michelson, Red Hat) PPTX Video
Connectivity for External Networks on the Overlay (Gregory A Smith, Nutanix) PDF Video
Active-Active load balancing with liveness detection through OVN forwarding group (Manoj Sharma, Nutanix) PPTX Video
Debugging OVS with GDB (macros) (Eelco Chaudron, Red Hat) PDF Video
OVN Controller Incremental Processing (Han Zhou, eBay) PPTX Video
OVN DBs HA with Scale Test (Aliasgar Ginwala, eBay) PPTX Video
Distributed Virtual Routing for VLAN Backed Networks Through OVN (Ankur Sharma, Nutanix) PDF Video
Policy-Based Routing in OVS (Mary Manohar, Nutanix) PDF Video
Encrypting OVN Tunnels with IPSEC (Qiuyu Xiao, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) PPTX Video
Windows Community Updates on OVS and OVN (Ionut-Madalin Balutoiu, Cloudbase, and Anand Kumar and Sairam Venugopal, VMware) PDF Video
Day 2 Closing (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
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