Open vSwitch 2016 Fall Conference

The Open vSwitch 2016 Fall Conference was held at the San Jose Doubletree on November 7 and 8, 2016. The original agenda is available.


Talks on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016:

Title Slides Video
Welcome (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF
User-Programmable Software Switches (Nick McKeown, Stanford University) PDF Video
An Update on OVS and OVN (Justin Pettit, VMware) PDF Video
The Power of Compounding Caches in the OVS Pipeline (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
BPF: Next Generation of Programmable Datapath (Thomas Graf, Cisco) PDF Video
Offloading OVS Flow Processing Using eBPF (William Tu, VMware) PDF Video
Coupling the Flexibility of OVN with the Efficiency of IOVisor: Architecture and Demo (Fulvio Risso and Matteo Bertrone, Politecnico di Torino, Italy) PDF Video
Scaling the OVN Control Plane in OVS 2.6.0 (Ryan Moats and Liran Schour, IBM) PDF Video
Wepoq-OVN, an L4 Gateway for Extended Endpoints (Gabe Beged-Dov, Prismod Systems) PDF Video
Service Function Chaining and OVN (Louis Fourie and Farhad Sunavala, Huawei; John McDowall, Palo Alto Networks; and Flavio Fernandes, IBM) PDF Video
OVS Hardware Offload Discussion Panel (Moderated by Joe Stringer, VMware, with panelists Ethan Jackson, University of California, Berkeley; Rony Efraim, Mellanox; Nic Viljoen, Netronome; and John Fastabend, Intel) PDF Video
Skydive, a Real-Time Network Analyzer (Sylvain Baubeau, Red Hat) PDF Video
OvS-DPDK Usability Improvements for Real-World Applications (Aaron Conole, Red Hat; Robin Giller and Bhanuprakash Bodireddy, Intel) PDF Video
Evolving Stateful Firewalling: OVS+iptables, OVS+Conntrack, and Conntrack Acceleration (John Hurley, Netronome) PDF Video

Talks on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016:

Title Slides Videos
PISCES: A P4-Enabled Open vSwitch (Muhammad Shahbaz, Princeton University and Cian Ferriter, Intel) PDF Video
OVS for Containers with Weave Net (Martynas Pumputis, Weaveworks) PDF Video
IP Forwarding with OVS (Romain Lenglet, Oracle Public Cloud) PDF Video
DPDK vHost User Improvements and Their Benefit to the DPDK Datapath in OVS (Ciara Loftus, Intel) PDF Video
Hierarchical Flow Classification Enhancements for OVS Megaflow Cache (Sameh Gobriel and Charlie Tai, Intel) PDF Video
OvS-DPDK Keep Alive + Monitoring Frameworks (Collectd, Snap) (Maryam Tahhan and Bhanuprakash Bodireddy, Intel) PDF Video
Quilt (Ethan Jackson, University of California, Berkeley) PDF Video
User Friendly vNetworks (Nishanth Devarajan, IIT) PDF Video
FAAst Keyless Entry to Docker Multi-Host Netowrking with OVN and Wepoq (Gabe Beged-Dov) PDF Video
Open vSwitch 2.6 and OVN on Solaris (Lokanath Das, Oracle) PDF Video
P4-Enabled NICs - Acceleration of OVS (Petr Kastovsky, Netcope Technologies) PDF Video
Optimizing Communications-Grade TCP Workloads in an OvS-Based NFV Deployment (Mark Kavanagh, Intel) PDF Video
NUMA-Aware Open vSwitch (Kazuki Hyoudou, Fujitsu) PDF Video
OvS-DPDK Performance Optimizations to Meet Telco Needs (Jan Scheurich, Ericsson AB and Mark Gray, Intel) PDF Video
Faucet - Open Source SDN Control Plane for Production Networks (Shivaram Mysore, TrustStix Inc/ONF) PDF Video
Deploying a Stateful and Fault Tolerant Virtual Gateway Using Open vSwitch in a Software Defined WAN (Sabyasachi Sengupta, Alcatel-Lucent) PDF Video
SR-IOV and OVS on Solaris (Venu Iyer and Ramkrishna Vepa, Oracle) PDF Video
OVS on Microsoft Hyper-V (Nithin Raju and Sairam Venugopal, VMware; Alin Serdean and Alin Balutoiu, Cloudbase Solutions Srl) PDF Video
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