Open vSwitch and OVN 2022 Fall Conference

The Open vSwitch project, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, will host its ninth annual conference focused on Open vSwitch and OVN on November 8-10, 2022, at Red Hat offices in Westford, Massachusetts. We will closely monitor conditions, and are planning to run this as a hybrid event.

We are seeking long and short ("lightning") talks on topics related to Open vSwitch and OVN. We expect long talks to last 25 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for questions, and short talks to last 10 minutes.

Topics that may be considered, among others, include:

  • The future of Open vSwitch (e.g., AF_XDP, P4, and eBPF).
  • NAT, DPI, and stateful processing with Open vSwitch.
  • Deploying and using OVN.
  • Testing and scaling OVN.
  • NIC acceleration of Open vSwitch.
  • Using Open vSwitch to realize NFV and service chaining.
  • Porting Open vSwitch to new operating systems, hypervisors, or container systems.
  • Integrating Open vSwitch into larger systems.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging Open vSwitch installations.
  • Open vSwitch development and testing practices.
  • Performance measurements or approaches to improving performance.
  • End-user or service provider experiences with Open vSwitch.
  • Hardware ports of Open vSwitch (existing, in progress, or speculative).
  • The relationship between OpenFlow and Open vSwitch.
  • Using, developing, or administering OpenFlow controllers in conjunction with Open vSwitch.
  • Comparisons to other implementations of features found in Open vSwitch (e.g. other OpenFlow implementations, other software switches, etc.).
  • Increasing the size and diversity of the Open vSwitch user and developer base.
  • Tutorials and walkthroughs of use cases.
  • Demos.

Talks will be recorded and made available online.

How to Propose a Talk

We are soliciting proposals for full talks and short ("lightning") talks in a single round. You may propose a talk as a full talk, a lightning talk, or for either one at the committee's discretion.

We will also accept proposals for panel discussions. Please submit them as full talks and make it clear in the description that it is a panel.

Please submit proposals to by September 14. Proposals should include:

  • Title and abstract.
  • Names, email address, and affiliation for each speaker.
  • Whether you are proposing a full talk or a lightning talk or either one at the committee's discretion.

We will notify speakers of acceptance by September 21.

Speakers should plan to attend the event in person. Travel to and accommodations are the responsibility of attendees.

How to attend

We are expecting to charge for all registrations this year (virtual and in-person - at different rates). We offer complimentary registration to speakers, students, academics, and anyone for whom the registration fee is burdensome. Please contact us if you need any help obtaining a complimentary registration.

Registrations can be obtained at the EventBrite page. Speakers will be emailed a registration code that they can use for a complimentary registration.

More information

To reach the organizers, email For general discussion of the conference, please use the ovs-discuss mailing list.

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