Open vSwitch 2014 Fall Conference


The Open vSwitch 2014 Fall Conference brought together about 200 Open vSwitch developers, users, and administrators, at VMware in Palo Alto on Nov. 17 and 18, 2014.

All of the slides and videos from the conference are posted below.

Talks on Nov. 17:

Title Slides Video
Welcome (Ben Pfaff, VMware) PDF Video
Introductory keynote (Guido Appenzeller, VMware) PPTX Video
Connection tracking & stateful NAT (Thomas Graf, Noiro Networks; Justin Pettit, VMware) PDF Video
L7-Filter and Open vSwitch (Franck Baudin, Qosmos) PPTX Video
OpenFlow Representation of Encapsulation Metadata (Scott Mann and Madhu Challa, Noiro Networks) PPTX Video
Open vSwitch on Hyper-V: Design, and development status (Nithin Raju, Eitan Eliahu, and Ankur Sharma, VMware) PPTX Video
Traffic visibility and control with sFlow (Peter Phaal, InMon) PDF Video
ONOS Architecture Update (Thomas Vachuska, ON.LAB) PDF Video
Managing Open vSwitch across a large heterogeneous fleet (Chad Norgan, Rackspace) PPTX Video
Introduction to network switching with P4 (Dan Talayco, Barefoot Networks) PDF Video
Accelerating Network Intensive Workloads Using the DPDK netdev (Gerald Rogers, Intel) PPTX Video
Open vSwitch-powered Docker (Madhu Venugopal, Brent Salisbury, Dave Tucker) PDF Video

Talks on Nov. 18:

Title Slides Video
MPLS LDP based LSR and LER using OpenFlow (Vikram Dham, Kamboi Technologies) PPTX Video
OpenFlow-based traffic engineering for mobile devices (Radhika M. Hirannaiah, individual researcher) PDF Video
Integrating Open vSwitch with 802.1aq SPB (Paul Unbehagen, Avaya) PDF Video
OFConnect: An Open Source OpenFlow Networking Library (Deepa Karnad Dhurka and Ramya Bolla, PDF Video
Revaliwhat? Keeping kernel flows fresh (Joe Stringer, VMware) PDF Video
OVS Acceleration Approaches (Johann Tonsing and Robert Truesdell, Netronome) PDF Video
OVSDB--"use it to configure a switch or track your stamp collection" (Madhu Venugopal, Brent Salisbury, Dave Tucker) PPTX Video
Intent Driven Networking with OVS and Vendor Neutral Hardware Offload (Thomas Graf, Noiro Networks) PDF Video
An Interface for Hardware-Based Packet Processing under Open vSwitch Policy Control (John Fastabend and Uri Elzur, Intel) PDF Video
Accelerating the Path to the Guest (Maryam Tahhan, Kevin Traynor, and Mark Gray, Intel) PPTX Video
OVS performance measurements and analysis (Madhu Challa, Noiro Networks) PPTX Video
OVS: accelerating the dataplane through netmap/VALE (Luigi Rizzo, Università di Pisa) PDF Video
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