ovs-tcpdump(8)                Open vSwitch Manual               ovs-tcpdump(8)

       ovs-tcpdump - Dump traffic from an Open vSwitch port using tcpdump.

       ovs-tcpdump -i port tcpdump options...

       ovs-tcpdump  creates switch mirror ports in the ovs-vswitchd daemon and
       executes tcpdump to  listen  against  those  ports.  When  the  tcpdump
       instance exits, it then cleans up the mirror port it created.

       ovs-tcpdump  will  not allow multiple mirrors for the same port. It has
       some logic to parse the current  configuration  and  prevent  duplicate

       The -i option may not appear multiple times.

       It  is important to note that under Linux based kernels, tap devices do
       not receive packets unless the specific tuntap device has  been  opened
       by  an application. This requires CAP_NET_ADMIN privileges, so the ovs-
       tcpdump command must be run as a user with such  permissions  (this  is
       usually a super-user).

       --help Prints a brief help message to the console.

              Prints version information to the console.

              The  Open vSwitch database socket connection string. The default
              is unix:/usr/local/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock

              The command to run instead of tcpdump.

              The interface for which a mirror port  should  be  created,  and
              packets should be dumped.

              The name of the interface which should be the destination of the
              mirrored packets. The default is miINTERFACE

       ovs-appctl(8),  ovs-vswitchd(8),  ovs-pcap(1),  ovs-tcpundump(1),  tcp
       dump(8), wireshark(8).

Open vSwitch                        2.7.90                      ovs-tcpdump(8)